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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

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… “You asked me once,” Sarek continued, “why I married your mother. I married her—because I loved her.”
Nothing more was said, but for Spock, child of Sarek, child of Grayson, something important had clearly been resolved

{{~ _______It brings out his human side, it fits Spock’s arc for the surprise of the fact that he does share humanity and in the revelation that his father did love his mother, and therefore Spock himself is then capable of that and you see that with him and Uhura. It fits him.” _________ - Roberto Orci ~ }}

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Just found these Lush HQ pictures of Gina Torres in Firefly, I’d forgotten how drop dead gorgeous she is - On Hercules/Xena she was one of my fave recurring guest stars - (x)

Unf yes! One of the most kick ass female characters in television in my opinion ~ Va-J-J

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